30 Main Street (east side)

The Stone House, on the east side of Main street, is situated directly across from Ackerman’ s Store.

  • Record ID: 117
  • Address: 30 Main Street (east side)
  • Current Owner: Binder, William P. and Judith A.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Gilbert H. Stone House
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Notable Features

Full-length porch/ sunporch south addition

Historical or Architectural Importance

Gilbert S. Stone built this 2 1/2 story Greek Revival-style house in 1891. The post-and-beam structure rests on a sandstone foundation and is sheathed with aluminum siding. The house is capped by and asphalt-shingled gable-to-street roof with cornice returns and a centered chimney. The 3-bay facade originally was a side-hall plan building, but the south end door has been closed and sided over. The main entrance is now located in the one story, hip-roofed sun porch on the south side.
Gilbert Stone purchased a lot of land from the South Congregational Society in 1891, and alot to the south shortly thereafter. At the tirre of Stone’s death in 1903, a house and other buildings were listed. The house was owned by Mary L. Stone until 1952. Gilbert Stone (1839-1903) was the son of Curtis Stone and Eliza Scranton. He was a farmer for most of his life; however, it seems that in the later part of his life he became a butcher. In 1890 he leased and later bought a butcher shop from Gilbert T. Nettleton, then living just south of the Stone purchase.