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Understanding Estate Plans

Thursday, February 16 at 6 PM

Everyone, both young and old, needs an estate plan. Consider some difficult questions… Do you want to be on life support? Who will pay your bills if you can’t? And if you pass away, how will your estate be divided amongst your heirs? Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Erin Duques will lead this program and explain estate planning documents like Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Healthcare Directives that you can create to make sure your wishes are met and your family knows how to care for you when you can’t care for yourself.

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Egypt’s Golden Couple: A Book Talk with John and Colleen Darnell

Thursday, February 23 at 6 PM

Akhenaten has been the subject of radically different, even contradictory, biographies. The king has achieved fame as the world’s first individual and the first monotheist, but others have seen him as an incestuous tyrant who nearly ruined the kingdom he ruled. The gold funerary mask of his son Tutankhamun and the painted bust of his wife Nefertiti are the most recognizable artifacts from all of ancient Egypt. But who are Akhenaten and Nefertiti? And what can we actually say about rulers who lived more than three thousand years ago?  In this lecture, John Coleman Darnell and Colleen Darnell will explain how step-by-step, from the jubilee of his father, Amunhotep III, to Amunhotep IV’s constructions at Karnak, to the move to his new capital Akhet-Aten, Akhenaten developed his solar religion alongside his queen–and goddess consort–Nefertiti.

John Coleman Darnell is Professor of Egyptology in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Yale University, Director of the Elkab Desert Survey Project, and Curator of Anthropology at the Yale Peabody Museum. His most recent book is Egypt and the Desert (Cambridge University Press), and in 2017, his expedition discovered the earliest monumental hieroglyphic inscription, one of the top ten discoveries of that year in Archaeology. Colleen Darnell teaches art history at Naugatuck Valley Community College and has recently appeared in several episodes of National Geographic’s “Lost Treasures of Egypt.” In 2018, they published The Ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books (Writings from the Ancient World), the first complete English translation of the texts in the New Kingdom tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Their newest book, Egypt’s Golden Couple: When Akhenaten and Nefertiti Were Gods on Earth, is available  at all major book retailers now. 

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Maiden Names and Dower Rights: Documenting Your Female Ancestors

Monday, February 27 at 6 PM, via Zoom

In countries with English influence, marriage historically resulted in women giving up their maiden names and losing many of their legal rights. This program will introduce the concepts of couverture, dower rights, and other legal principles that may influence records of your ancestors. It will also guide you through navigating those records to learn more about your female ancestors’ lives.

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