26 Main Street (east side)

Set close to the road, the Stone House is situated on the east side of Main Street across from Kowalski Real Estate.

  • Record ID: 122
  • Address: 26 Main Street (east side)
  • Current Owner: Sweet, Lloyd L. and Stella P.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Charles G. Stone House
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Notable Features

The Stone House is a very plain and modest structure. The facade includes a one story shed- roofed porch, with three four-paned double-leaf windows, and one eight-paned door which is flanked by four-paned sidelights.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Charles G . Stone built this small, wood-shingled, 1 story domestic building ca 1930. The house rests on a brick foundation and is capped by an asphalt-shingled gable-to-street
roof. An off-center exterior chimney is placed on the east side.
In 1904 George Stone aquired a 1 2/5 acre piece of land with two houses. He built this small domestic building ca. 1930 and sold the whole lot the year after.