Wallingford Road, north side

Facing south on the north side of Wallingford Road, the Frederick F. Brewster Bungalow is surrounded by open meadows in a primarily residential neighborhood just to the west of Durham Center.

  • Record ID: 183
  • Address: Wallingford Road, north side
  • Current Owner: Otte, Joel C.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: F.F. Brewster Bungalow
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Notable Features

Set into the slope of a hill, the concrete foundation is fully exposed on the south elevation. The clapboarded balloon frame is topped with an asphalt shingled, ridge-to-street gable roof. The facade features a 1 story full length, shed-roofed, enclosed sunporch and a large shed dormer with three-over-three sash. A modest entryway is located on the western elevation and one-over-one sash are featured throughout the main block. The exposed basement exhibits a 1 bay garage door flanked by two small, square window openings to the east.

Historical or Architectural Importance

This 2 1/2 story Bungalow Cottage was erected by Frederick F. Brewster in 1926.
In that year, Frederick F. Brewster, a successful carriage maker from New Haven bought one and a half acres from Charles A. Brown on which he had this house built. Brewster in 1920 purchased the three farms to the west of this lot as a summer residence and built a number of early-20th-century style homes to house employees of his farm. Presumably, Brewster erected this cottage for the same purpose. In 1945 the property was purchased by the Bolt family, who sold it to the present owners in 1977 .
The popular early-20th-century Bungalow style varied in style and form throughout the nation, with each locale using its own traditions, such as the Colonial style in the
east, the California style in the west and the Prairie style in the middle-western United States. Architecturally, the Frederick F. Brewster Bungalow is significant as a typical Bungalow style used in the northeast during the building boom after World War II.