Middlefield Road

This house is set far back from the east side of Middlefield Road, prominently placed on an elevated site. Large maples shade the house which is surrounded by open fields and gardens.

  • Record ID: 148
  • Address: Middlefield Road
  • Current Owner: Gastler; Hicks, Elsie and Charles; Marjorie
  • Name of Building: Gastler Farm
  • Historic Name: John W. Miller House
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Notable Features

The side-hall-plan facade features three bays. The flushboarded main gable end is fully pedimented and displays a paired set of six-over-six sash. The facade entranceway
is executed in the Greek Revival style with high entablature set over side pilasters. Original six-over-six sash remain. A single story gable-roofed ell projects from the
east elevation. A number of outbuildings are found on the property .

Historical or Architectural Importance

The John W. Miller House is a 2 1/2 story, gable-to-street, Greek Revival-style building. Erected ca. 1845, the clapboarded structure is supported by a post-and-beam framing system which rests on a brownstone foundation.
In the mid-nineteenth century, farmer John Willard Miller (1783-1870) purchased large amounts of land in Durham near the Middlefield town line. A native of Middlefield,
Miller erected this house ca. 1845 on one of his lots. ‘His son Charles (1818-1882) inherited the house in 1870 and continued farming the land. He had married Mary E.
Rich in 1868 and she received the house upon her husband’s death in 1882. The Gastler family bought the farm in 1905 and retains ownership today.
Still sited on farmland, the John W. Miller House provides a link with the area’s agricultural past.