Maple Avenue, east side

Situated on an open lot on the east side of Maple Avenue, the Elias camp house is bordered to the east by Durham’s Local Historic District and to the west by Durham

  • Record ID: 139
  • Address: Maple Avenue, east side
  • Current Owner: Augustine, Frank S. and Sylvia M.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Elias Camp House
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Notable Features

Eyebrow windows set under the eaves on the north and south elevations are characteristic of the Greek. Revival style. A single story ell has been added to the rear and
a shed-roofed portico supported by two narrow cylindrical collumns enhances a southeast entranceway. The main block sash feature louvered shutters.

Historical or Architectural Importance

This 1 1/2 story, nineteenth-century cape-style building was constructed ca. 1840 by Elias Camp. The facade features a gable-to-street, asphalt-shingled roof and a single
story, four-bay, hip-roofed enclosed porch. The post-and-ream frame is clapboarded and rests on a brownstone foundation.
Elias camp (1794-1873), son of Luke and Grace Camp, built this house ca. 1840 on land he purchased from Daniel Bates and Parsons Coe. Married to Mary Bennett, Camp made
his living as a shoemaker and in 1817 took the oath of a freeman. In 1855 Elias sold the property to his ron, Noyes Frederick Camp (1833-1904). A bachelor all his life, Noyes Camp resided here until his death in 1904.
Significant for its association with the Camp Family, the Elias Camp House is an integral part of Durham’s Historic Center.