Madison Road, east side

Set atop a slight~knoll banked by a stone retaining wall, the house faces southwest onto Madison Road. The surrounding neighborhood consists of late
nineteenth-and twentieth-century residential architecture.

  • Record ID: 34
  • Address: Madison Road, east side
  • Current Owner: Mockalis, Arthur & Barbara
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Augustus and Charlotte Mousch House
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Notable Features

Characteristic of the Queen Anne style are the imbricated shingles found in the gable ends on the north and west elevations and the multi-paned stained-glass window featured on the north side. The three-bay side-hall plan facade is highlighted by a Colonial Revival-style entryway which exhibits four-paned sidelights framed by slender pilasters topped with a broken pediment. The single story ell which projects from the rear features an open porch on the south side. A single story gable-to-street wooden garage is set to the southwest of the house.

Historical or Architectural Importance

This simple Queen Anne-style house was constructed in 1910 by Augustus and Charlotte Mousch. The 2 1/2 story building uses a gable-to-street plan and incorporates a 2 1/2
story bay which projects from the north elevation. Supported by a poured concrete foundation t the balloon frame is presently sided with asbestos shingles. Augustus Mousch erected this house in 1910 on a small plot of land he purchased from his sister-in-law t Margaret Weldon Simpson. Mousch (1853-1928)t a native of Switzerland was married to Charlotte Lillia Weldon (1853-1917) of Mansfield, Conn. A “polisher” by trade, Mr. Mousch presumably worked either with Merriam Manufacturing Company which produced tin toys and boxes or W.A. Parsons & Company which made tin cash boxes t safe deposit boxes and other tin products. The house remained in the Mousch family until 1960.