Haddam Quarter Road, south side

The Henry Sage Merwin House is ‘set well back from Haddam Quarter Road, facing an abandoned farm road.




  • Record ID: 28
  • Address: Haddam Quarter Road, south side
  • Current Owner: LaCroix, Michael & Bette
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Henry Sage Merwin House
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Notable Features

The gable-to-street, side-hall plan, three-bay facade faces west away from the street. A moulded frieze encompasses the main block beneath the eaves. The first floor fenestration has been rep1aced by a large multipaned window. Six-over-six sash are featured throughout the rest of the house. The entry door is set in a simple moulded frame.  A 1 and 1/2 story ell projects from the Eastern elevation.


Historical or Architectural Importance

Built in 1848, this 2i story Greek-Revival-sty1e farmhouse rests on a sandstone foundation. The wood-shingled post-and-beam frame is capped by an asphalt-shingled gable roof. This house was built by Henry Sage Merwin (1824-1910), the youngest son of Miles Merwin, Jr., at the time of his marriage to Sylvia Minerva Merriam. Unlike his more enterprising brother Miles Talcott Merwin, who divided his time between his holdings in upper New York State and farming and lumbering in Durham, Henry Sage Merwin was content to be a farmer. In 1905, widowed and in his 81st year, he deeded the house to his youngest son Arthur H. Merwin (b. 1860) subject to a support agreement. In 1910 Henry died, and five years later Arthur sold the house to Jeremiah Beckwith, who sold it shortly thereafter to Frederick Otte. It remained in the Otte family until 1977, when it passed to its present owners.