Cherry Lane

Located on the east side. of Cherry Lane, the Ebenezer Clark House sits in a residential nefghborhood that consists primarily of twentiety-century residences.

  • Record ID: 4
  • Address: Cherry Lane
  • Current Owner: Frey, Peter L. & Judith
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Ebenezer Clark House
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Notable Features

The two-over-three-bay facade displays a modest entryway capped by a thin projectingcornice. Topped with a diminutive brick chimney, this house displays relatively few a architectural detailings. The two-over-two sash exhibit fixed “slat” shutters. A single-story, flat-roofed addition projects from both the north and south elevations.A shed-roofed ell extends along the rear elevation.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Tradition asserts that this 2! story, nineteenth-century Domestic-style house was built in Haddam ca. 1825 and moved to Durham in 1842. Supported by a sandstone foundation, the clapboarded post-and-beam frame is topped by an asphalt-shingled, ridge-to street gable roof. In 1842 Ebenezer Clark bought a two-acre lot on the east side of Cherry Lane from Worthington Chauncey. It was to this parcel that Clark either moved a dwelling house from Haddam or on which he built the existing structure in 1842. Hannah White (1787-1873), the wife of Charles White, bought the house in 1844. In 1853 Mrs. White, whose occupation was listed as housekeeper, sold the property to her two daughters, Sarah White and Mary Robinson. The Seward family acquired the house in 1874 and remained here until 1882.