Cherry Lane, south side

The Samuel C. Nettleton House is set on a slightly elevated site facing

north onto Cherry Lane. The surrounding area is dominated by sweeping

open fields and large maples,trim the front edge of the property which

borders the road.



  • Record ID: 10
  • Address: Cherry Lane, south side
  • Current Owner: Waller, Harvey W. & Diane D.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Samuel C. Nettleton House
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Notable Features

A large 21 story, three-bay, ridge-to-street, gable-roofed ell extends from the

eastern elevation. The single-story open porch extending the full length of

the facade and ell displays simple Doric columns supporting a shed-roof. It

is most probable that the first floor of the main block originally exhibited

a three-bay side hall plan symmetrical with the three second-story windows.

The facade gable-end features slight cornice returns and a three-paned,

rectangular window. The present facade entrance is located centrally on

the eastern ell. A number of large additions have been added to the southern

elevation. A number of outbuildings are located on the grounds, the most

prominent being a large, three-story, gambrel-roof barn.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Oriented gable-to-street, this 2t-story, Greek Revival-style structure was

erected in 1857. Anchoring its wood-shingled, post-and-beam frame is a

foundation of sandstone. The gable-roof is asphalt-shingled.

Samuel C. Nettleton built this house in 1857 replacing an earlier structure

on the premises known as the Amos Smith Homestead. Little is known about

Nettleton, except he originally came from Killingworth. In 1865 the house

was sold to Anthony Killinger who resided there until 1868. The next owner

was farmer, Joseph Tyron (1831-1910). A native of Middletown, Tyron and his

wife, Margret (Atwood) (1837-1896) continued to farm the property until the

turn of the century.

Architecturally, this house derives its significance as a well-preserved

example of Greek Revival-style farmhouse.