8 Main Street (east side)

The Hubbard House is located north of Deli-Serv and across the street from the Amoco station on the east side of Main Street.

  • Record ID: 127
  • Address: 8 Main Street (east side)
  • Current Owner: Downes, T.F. and Joyce
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Reuben Hubbard House
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Notable Features

There is a full length hip-roofed porch with a pediment at the south end, across the facade. Five stick posts support the roof and a stick balustrade trims the porch. On
the first story are twwo south doors, to accommodate this two-family house, and a north side window. Two windows complete the second story and a small vertical window is
located in the fully-pedimented gable. The gable ends, which swoop outward to form a large overhang appearing on the facade gable and the two north and south story
additions, are unusual features.

Historical or Architectural Importance

The Reuben Hubbard House, built ca. 1903, is an aluminum sided, 2 1/2 story, twentieth-century
domestic building. The balloon framing rests on a field-stone foundation and is topped by a steep asphalt gable roof with an off-center east side chimney.
A farmer, Reuben Hubbard (1835-1914) and his brother Eli purchased a seven-acre plot of land in 1877 and seven years later sold the piece to another fanrer, Asahel Nettleton.
When Nettleton died in 1900, Reuben Hubbard purchased the land and built a house and barn, and in 1905 sold the lot to Walter Wilcox.
Built at the turn of the century as a two-family house, the Reuben Hubbard House marks an important change in Durham.