14/16 Main Street (east side)

The Camp House is located on an open lot across the street from Camp’s Tavern and south of the Volunteer Fire Department. It sits on the east side of Main Street.

  • Record ID: 125
  • Address: 14/16 Main Street (east side)
  • Current Owner: Ackerman, Sr., Austin M.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: David Camp House
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Notable Features

The 2 bay facade has a wrap-around stickwork porch to the south, which has a shed roof supported by four turned posts. The doorway is located on the west facade of the
2 bay ridge-to-street cross gable south extension. Additions to the house include a 2 story, 2 bay gableroofed extension on the northeast, two east additions and a southeast shed-roofed porch/entry.

Historical or Architectural Importance

In 1861 David Camp built a 2 1/2 story, post-and-beam-framed house. The building has an asphalt-shingled gable-to-street roof and rests on a mortared sandstone
block foundation.
In 1857, a 1 acre lot of land was purchased by David and Laura Camp from David Smith. A carpenter by trade, David Camp built his own house. The tax records point to the year of construction; from 1857 to 1869 Camp is listed as owning 1 acre of land valued at $100.00 but no houses. One year later a house is included with the same acre with a total value of $300.00
The Camp House is noteworthy because it was built by David Camp, who comes from a Durham family who were prominent carpenters throughout the nineteenth century.