How well do you know Durham?

Are you a history buff, genealogist, or just plain curious? Do you know the history of our local landmarks? Your knowledge of our town could win you a one-year membership to the Godfrey Library in Middletown, CT!

Here’s how to participate:
1. During the week of August 17 we will post a historical photo of Durham on our Instagram page each day along with a clue.
2. Think you know what it is? Email your answer to Please include the date of the post you are responding to and your answer. Each correct answer will be entered into the drawing.

The scavenger hunt runs Monday August 17 thru Saturday August 22 with photos posted Monday through Friday for a total of 5 photos. Answer one or answer five – it’s your choice! Each correct answer = one entry into the drawing.

Answers will be posted on Sunday August 23 on our Instagram page and the drawing will take place on Monday August 24. Thank you to local supporters: Charter Oak Genealogy, The Godfrey Library Middletown, CT, and the Durham CT Historical Society for helping make this program possible.