Generous Gift Supports Children’s Services at the Durham Public Library

The Durham Public Library is pleased to announce that they have received a generous donation which has been used for the purchase new furniture, shelving, and preschool playthings in the Children’s Department.

Charles Cumello of Durham, who is President and CEO of Essex Financial, has been a longtime supporter of library programming for children and teens and this recent donation has allowed the Library to improve the function and appearance of the Children’s Room. Display shelving has been added to the ends of shelves to increase the space to display books, and the learning table in the toddler area has been replaced by a child-sized table and chairs. Lastly, the Library was able to purchase educational toys for the toddler play area. Library Director Christine Michaud states, “This donation has allowed us to make updates to the Children’s Department that will engage readers and encourage active learning.”

“The library appreciates the generosity of this gift and recognizes the impact it will have over the long term,” Michaud stated. “We want the Children’s Room to be a cheerful, interactive space for kids to explore and discover new ideas and stories. Gifts like this one are enormously helpful as we work to promote literacy and literature and strengthen our community.”

Summer reading is in full swing! A current schedule of programs at the Durham Public Library can be found on the Library website: