Electric Car Charger

Did you know that Durham has an electric car charging station? The charging station is located in the rear of the parking lot at the Durham Public Library at 7 Maple Avenue and can accommodate two cars at a time

Electric vehicle owners can activate the charger by tapping their “ChargePoint” card on the charger’s screen. Once activated, the driver plugs in and can recharge their car’s battery while they use the library, walk to the Post Office, or stroll Main Street. If the car’s battery is quite full, “topping up” the charge may take just minutes. A full charge for low battery can take a few hours. To finish the transaction, the driver taps their card on the charger again, and will be charged for electricity used.

The charger is administered by the ChargePoint company. Chargepoint has supplied a phone number on the charger in case of questions or issues with the charger. If a driver does not have a ChargePoint card, they can call the phone number and ChargePoint will then remotely activate the charger and will send the driver a card for future use. Visit www.chargepoint.com for more info.

The ChargePoint website has a charging station locator map to help drivers find car chargers locally and across the country. If anyone has questions about the car charger, please contact ChargePoint at the number listed on the charging station.

The charging station is an initiative of Sustainable Durham and installation was funded by a State of Connecticut Bright Ideas Grant. Durham is proud to join surrounding towns in making this clean energy technology available to CT drivers!