Library Cards

Any Durham resident or property owner is entitled to have a library card and to borrow library materials subject to the requirements and restrictions set forth in the application procedure. Borrowing privileges may be suspended or lost if items are overdue or excessive fines and fees accrue.

In accordance with the “BorrowIT CT” program initiated by the Connecticut State Library and entered into by the Library, any Connecticut resident with a valid card from their home library may borrow materials from the Durham Public Library, subject to the same regulations set for resident borrowers. Loan periods and fines for overdue materials are set by the Board of Trustees (see appendix.)

Library Cards

Adults: must provide the Library with proof of residency with address, such as a driver’s license, utility bill, Town tax statement or other document, accepted on a case by case basis. A telephone number, either home or cell, is also required. Patrons are encouraged to supply an e-mail address, if available. Adult library cards have an expiration date of five years from the date of issue.

Children: Children aged five to 14 do not need to present ID to get a library card, but a parent or responsible adult must be present and provide the same identification as required for an adult borrower’s card. By his/her presence, the parent or responsible adult accepts responsibility for what the child borrows, its timely return and any fines or fees that may accrue.

Patron Responsibility: Patrons must inform the library when a library card has been lost or stolen. If such notification is not made, the patron will be held responsible for all items taken out on the card. The patron must also inform the library when there is a change of address. The patron must show identification with their address in order to renew an expired library card.

Out-of-State Borrowers:  An out-of-state patron may be issued a one-year card that is marked “Valid Only at Durham Public Library” for a fee of $30.  In order to issue the card, the Library requires valid proof of permanent home address and phone number, as well as a local address and phone.

Borrowing Limits

The Director may impose a limit on the number of items of a certain format or on a specific subject that a patron may borrow due to heavy demand or other consideration.