Maple Avenue, east side

Located on a wooded lot in a residential neighborhood, the Oliver D. Hubbard Workers Housing #3 is set atop a hill which slopes westwardly to Durham meadows.

  • Record ID: 137
  • Address: Maple Avenue, east side
  • Current Owner: Spann, Beryl and Stahl
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Hubbard Workers' Housing #3
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Notable Features

Additions include a full-facade, 1 story shed:-roofed enclosed porch which rests on a brick foundation. The north elevation exhibits a modern bay window. Two-over- two sash are displayed throughout the building and feature louvred shutters.
The overhanging gable eaves feature exposed and extended rafters. A double-door, gable-to-street, aluminum-sided garage is set to the north of the house and a large outbuilding is located on the northeast corner of the lot.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Situated on the east side of Maple Avenue, this 2 1/2 story, 2 bay, late-nineteenth century domestic style building was erected ca. 1890. Resting on a rubble foundation,
the balloon frame is capped with a gable-to-street asphalt-shingled roof and sided with wooden shingles. A diminutive brick chimney is centrally located.
In 1877 Oliver D. Hubbard purchased the Asahel Strong House on a one-acre lot that extended from Main Street to Maple Avenue. Hubbard divided the one acre and built
this house on the rear portion of the lot ca. 1890. During the last decade of the nineteenth century Hubbard, a lumber dealer ,built a number of one-family dwellings
and presumably rented them. In 1939 Lillie M. Hubbard, Oliver’s widow, sold the property out of the family.
This late-nineteenth-century vernacular structure is significant as an early example of rental housing in Durham