Maiden Lane, north side, (0.2 m East of Main Street)

The Bristol House stands on a tree-shaded lot on the north side of Maiden Lane.

  • Record ID: 39
  • Address: Maiden Lane, north side, (0.2 m East of Main Street)
  • Current Owner: Bristol, Luzerne and Doroth
  • Name of Building: Luzerne Bristol House
  • Historic Name: T. B. Strong House
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Notable Features

The Bristol house is a three-bay, side-hall plan, Greek-Reviva1-sty1e residence. Its main entry is offset to the west side of the facade. It consists of flat antae pilasters with bases and caps surmounted by a flat full entablature. The facade is surmounted by a full pediment and framed with narrow corner pilasters. The gable peak contains an arch top, fixed two-over-two window. The fenestration is six-aver-six throughout the structure. Two narrow hip-roofed additions have been made to the west and north sides of the house. As a late Greek-Revival-style structure, this house was built to be heated with stoves and never contained a fireplace. In the garden of this residence is a carved sandstone well parapet which stood originally in the yard of the John Johnson House.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Little historical information is available concerning T.B. Strong, although we do know that the Strong family came to Durham in the early eighteenth century from Northhampton, Massachusetts. There is a Talcott Strong (B. 1840) who served in the Civil War and was elected to represent Durham in the Connecticut General Assembly in 1882. The significance of the building lies in its architecture as a fine representative example of the Greek Revival style in Durham.