New Haven Road, west side

Situated upon an embankment on the west side of the New Haven Turnpike, this small vernacular style cottage is surrounded by open fields in a rural residential neighborhood.

  • Record ID: 154
  • Address: New Haven Road, west side
  • Current Owner: Clark, Fred C. and Donald A.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: William C. Hodsdon House
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Notable Features

The three-bay facade exhibits a full-length shed-roofed veranda supported by lathe-turned posts with scroll-sawn brackets. However, with the exception of the porch, the house displays little other embellished architectural detail. A diminutive brick chimney projects from the center of the roof. Six-over-one windows are featured throughout. A single story ell projects from the north elevation.

Historical or Architectural Importance

Located at the intersection of Old Washington Trail and New Haven Road, this small, early twentieth-century cottage was built by William C. Hodsdon in 1922. Topped
with a hip-roof, the clapboarded balloon frame rests on a sandstone foundation.
In 1922 William C. Hodsdon erected this house upon the site of the Enos S. Camp Homestead. Mr. Hodsdon (1862-1949~ a native of Manchester, New Hampshire,was a
farmer. In 1909 he married Elizabeth M. Clark of Durham. Shortly before his death William sold the house to the Bazzin Family “reserving to myself the use of the dwelling house during the remainder of my natural life” (DLR 44:227).