Fowler Avenue

Facing south onto Fowler Avenue, the John A. Fowler House is located

on an overgrown wooded lot.


  • Record ID: 13
  • Address: Fowler Avenue
  • Current Owner: Field, Jr., Howard Brigham
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: John A. Fowler House
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Notable Features

This modest tWO-bay house is marked with a west doorway covered by a

gabled door hood supported by stick style brackets. The west side

has a single story shed-roofed open porch which is enclosed on the

northwest corner. The southwest porch is supported by four thin

square posts.


Historical or Architectural Importance

John A. Fowler built this two story, clapboarded, balloon frame nineteenth-century

domestic style house in 1872. Resting on a sandstone foundation, the house is

oriented gable-to-street and capped by an asphalt-shingled roof with center chimney.

John A. Fowler (1849-1921) built this house on the southwest corner of his fatherls

homelot, shortly after his marriage to Rose C. Camp in 1872. A grocer and “merchant”

by trade, John and his wife raised three daughters: Annie, Lucy and Ruth. In 1875

John quit-claimed the property and house to his father, Asa Fowler with the following

agreement: “John is to have the use and occupation of said premises without rent

in consideration of his paying the taxes . Asa Fowler sold the house to Professor William C. Fowler in 1876, who used it as a rental property. Today,

the house is owned by a descendant of Professor Fowler.