61/63 Main Street

The relatively bare house lot is high above Main Street and on the west side of the latter. A gable-roofed, double-door garage stands northwest of the house. Between the house and Main Street is a large concrete restraining wall and a driveway.

  • Record ID: 102
  • Address: 61/63 Main Street
  • Current Owner: Page, Dorothy R.
  • Name of Building: Daniel Hall House
  • Historic Name: Hall-Camp House
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Notable Features

Two one-over-one windows flank a modern, centrally located, projecting, enclosed entranceway. The full-length, hip-roofed facade porch is supported by four columns, marked by a slight entasis. Although both the porch and enclosed entranceway are clearly later additions, the rear lean-to and the central chimney are probably both original. Additions have been made to the northwest and southwest corners.

Historical or Architectural Importance

In 1773 Daniel Hall received from his father Timothy Hall a 3 1/2 acre tract on the west side of Main Street, across the street from Timothy’s grist mill. Hall was a prominent eighteenth century citizen cited in Fowler for his numerous positions of leadership in Durham. He was also State representative and a delegate to the Convention to adopt the Federal Constitution. When Daniel sold the lot to Heth Camp in 1783, shortly before his death in 1790, it had a dwelling house, barn and shoemaker’s shop upon it. The house remained in the Camp family until 1900.
Located in a prominent location near the center of town in the Durham Historic District, this house is significant as the home of one of the early town fathers of Durham.