137 Main Street

This small house lot, on the west side of Main Street, is two houses south of the junction of Main Street and Talcott Lane. A single-car, clapboarded garage lies southwest of the house.

  • Record ID: 53
  • Address: 137 Main Street
  • Current Owner: Beaty, Jeffery G. and Kathleen M.
  • Name of Building:
  • Historic Name: Elmer W. Crowell House
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Notable Features

Porch roof, is supported by two short, battered piers which rise from cobblestone pedestals. A gabled 3-window dorner is above the porch.

Historical or Architectural Importance

This one story, 1920’s bungalow has a balloon frame with a gable ridge-to-street slate roof and aluminum siding. The enclosed full-length sun porch has multipane windows joined at the top by a continuous semi-ellipse. The porch roof, a continuation of the main roof, is supported by two short battered piers (with extreme entasis) which rise from cobblestone pedestals. The 2-1eaf, 5-pane doors are in the center of the porch. All house windows are 1/1 sash. A gabled 3 window dorner is central I y -placed above the porch. A painted, corbelled exterior chimney is on the north side. In 1927, E1mer W. Crowell purchased from Herbert L. Southmayd a quarter acre lot on the west side of Main Street. In the deed, the grantor (Southmayd) reserved “the right to have the first right to purchase the  real estate together with all the buildings which may be erected should the grantee offer the same for sale.” But when Crowell did sell the land in 1924, with buildings, Jessie D. Munson, not Southmayd, was the grantee. The house was probably built to use as rental property, for at the time of its conveyance in 1924, Crowell was residing in Florida and the grantee, Munson, was a resident of West Hartford. Although somewhat altered, this house is architecturally important as a classic early twentieth-century bungalow.