Manage Your Library Account with Your Phone

Text Us!

Receive text messages when:

  • Items you requested are ready for pickup
  • Items you borrowed are almost due
  • Items you borrowed are overdue

Text the library to:

  • Renew your items
  • Get list of items currently checked out

Sign up for free! (Standard texting rates apply)

Text the word SIGNUP to 860-345-1307. You will receive a reply asking for your library card number. Text your library card number (under the barcode). You will receive a confirmation text. Service works with all smart phones — some older phones may be incompatible with the service.

Text Commands to: 860-345-1307

ADDCARD – Add new card(s) (i.e. spouse, children) to the same phone
ALL – Request to renew all eligible items, including overdue items
DROPCARD – Remove cards from phone
IOWEU – Request amount of current fines owed
MYBOOKS – Request a list of all current checkouts
MYCARDS – View registered card number(s) and expiration date(s) of the account(s)
OA – Request to renew all overdue items
QUIT – Discontinue the text messaging service
RA – Request to renew all eligible items (not overdue items)
RL – Request for list of eligible items (not overdue items) to choose to renew

A full list of commands and instructions is available at: or see any staff member for assistance.